What’s JerseyBike?

JerseyBike is Hoboken’s bike share system. Bike sharing is meant for quick trips around Hoboken and the region. Customers can pick up a bicycle at one of the stations throughout the city, return the bike at one of the other stations, and move about their day.

How do I Register?

  1. Downloading the nextbike app (iOS, Android and Windows)
  2. Visiting the website: https://hudsonbikeshare.com/account
  3. Visiting any of the stations with kiosks (Hoboken Terminal, Hoboken Terminal West, Pier A Park, and 14th Street Ferry Terminal). Enter in your personal information, then a method of payment.

Where Are the Stations? 

Stations are conveniently located throughout Hoboken within a 3 to 5 minute walk of wherever you are. Visit the Stations page on our website to find the most up-to-date list of active stations. Maps are also available at each station.

Do I Need a Smartphone to Use the System? 

No. You can also call customer service with a landline or use a station kiosk (where available) to register. You can then use your customer card or use the on-board computer to enter your phone and PIN to rent a bike.


Do I Need to Have a Credit/Debit Card to Use the JerseyBike System? 

Yes, you must have a credit or debit card to use the bike share system.

Do You Offer Group Memberships? 

Yes, please contact info@hudsonbikeshare.com for more information about groups with over 30 members.


How Do I Get the App? 

The mobile app is called nextbike. There is one app for all nextbike systems worldwide. Download it from Google Play, App Store (iOS), or the Windows Phone Store. There is no Blackberry version.

Why Does My Map Default to Other Locations? 

In order to activate your location, log out of the nextbike app, turn on your GPS in your phone’s settings and log back in to the nextbike app.

Why Isn’t My QR Code Reader Working? 

Check to make sure that you have allowed the nextbike app to access your phone’s photos/camera.


How Do I Rent A Bike? 

You can rent a bike in four ways:

  1. Use the smartphone app called “nextbike”. Open the app and enter the bike number or scan the QR code. The app will provide a 4-digit unlock code. Enter the lock code into the on-board computer and unlock the cable lock.
  2. Use the Customer Card. Tap your customer card on the on-board computer and the cable lock will unlock automatically.
  3. Use the on-board computer located on the bicycle and login with your mobile number (beginning with 1 followed by your area code) and PIN. Your lock code will be provided via text message.  Enter the lock code into on-board computer to unlock the cable lock.

Can I Temporarily Park the Bike During the Middle of My Rental? 

Need to run to the grocery store, make a quick stop at a friend’s house, or grab a cup of coffee during the middle of your ride? No problem! A unique benefit of JerseyBike’s next-generation technology is that riders can make mid-trip stops outside of official stations by temporarily locking up the bikes. Just use the built-in cable lock to lock the bike to any nearby bike rack or lock the bike to itself and leave it standing with the kickstand and select the parking option using the keypad. When you’re ready to continue your trip, enter the 4 digit unlock code to unlock the bike and continue the trip. Please note that while your bike is parked, time continues to count against the 30 or 45 minute limit until the bike is returned to an official station. Watch the video below for an explanation of how to temporarily park the bike: 

How Many Bikes Can I Rent at One Time? 

Once registered, you may rent up to 4 bicycles at one time. Each bike is the same rate, $2 per 30 minutes. If you are a weekly or annual member, you will be charged $2 per 30 minutes for each additional bicycle you rent.

How Do I Return the Bike? 

Return the bike at any JerseyBike Share station. Insert the bike into dock, lock it with the integrated cable lock, and confirm the return via the on-board computer, mobile app, or by calling customer service.

What is the Unlock Code? What is the PIN? 

The 4-digit unlock code is only used in conjunction with the bike-mounted cable lock. You will receive a unique unlock code when you unlock the bike using the nextbike mobile app. Your PIN is a 6-digit number that was emailed or sent as a text message when you registered. Keep your PIN safe and do not share it with anyone. If you use the bicycle keypad to rent a bike by first entering your phone number (remember to begin with 1, followed by your area code), you will use your PIN every time you rent a bike.

What if the Bike Does Not Release from the Dock? 

Email customerservice@jerseybikeshare.com. This is the best way to ensure that the bicycle is not rented on your account. Customer service will verify that the bike is still docked and will end your rental.

What if the Bike Will Not Return into the Dock When I’m Done Riding? 

Email customerservice@jerseybikeshare.com. This is the best way to ensure that the bicycle has been returned. Customer service will end your rental.

How Do I Use the Bike Mounted Cable Lock?

In order to activate your location, log out of the nextbike app, turn on your GPS in your phone’s settings and log back in to the nextbike app.

Can I Use the Integrated Cable Lock Outside of a Station?

Yes! You can park temporarily by using the cable lock on any bike dock either by locking to a bike rack or by locking the bicycle to itself. Until your bike is returned to a JerseyBike Share station, your rental time continues to accrue. To unlock the bike again, enter your unlock code into the on-board computer.

What if I Arrive at a Station and it is Full? 

No problem! If all docks are full, simply park the bike near the station, lock it to itself and confirm the return via the on-board computer.

What if I am Unable to Lock the Cable Lock?

If you are unable to lock the cable lock, please email customerservice@jerseybikeshare.com.. The return process is completed when the bike is returned via on-board computer and pressing “OK” for return.

Can I Return my Bike at an Inactive Station? 

No. Return bikes only to active stations. Visit the Stations page on our website for the most up-to-date list of active stations.

How Many Bikes Can I Rent at One Time?

Once registered, you may rent up to 4 bicycles at one time. Each additional rental will be charged at the pay as you go rate of $2 for the first 30 minutes and $3 for every additional 30 minutes after that.

Can I Reserve a Bike?

No. Only rent a bicycle when you are physically at the station. Although the mobile app will allow you to rent a bicycle from an offsite location, your bicycle could be taken by someone else or the bike may not be at the confirmed location.

Is There a Fee Associated with Leaving a Bike Outside of a Station?

Yes. There is a $10 fee for bikes left outside of an official station within Hoboken and $25 fee for bikes left outside of Hoboken. The only exception is that there is no fee for locking up and returning a bike to a legal bicycle rack within the Regional No Fee Zones outside of Hoboken. No Fee Zone locations can be found in the map on the mobile app.


Am I Allowed to Ride on the Sidewalk? 

No. We strongly discourage riders from riding on the sidewalk, and in many cases it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk. If you need to use the sidewalk, please dismount and walk your bicycle. Please ride on the street, obey all traffic signs, and always yield to pedestrians.

What if I Get in an Accident? 

If you are in an accident and someone is injured or there is any type of property damage to the bicycle or other vehicles, call the police. Once you have a police report, you will need the officer’s name, the names of all persons involved, and a copy of the report. Please email customerservice@jerseybikeshare.com to follow up.​

How Do I Ride in the City? 

The City of Hoboken is recognized as a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Cyclists, making Hoboken the only municipality in New Jersey with the distinction of being recognized as both bike-friendly and walk-friendly. In Hoboken, bicycles are treated just as any another vehicle. Follow all traffic signals and signs and ride in the direction of traffic, not against it. Always yield to pedestrians and do not ride on sidewalks. We strongly encourage all of our riders to bring and wear a helmet.

How Old Do I Have to be to Ride? 

You must be 18+ years to register for the system. There is no minimum age to ride.

Do I Have to Wear a Helmet? 

In New Jersey, anyone under 17 years of age that rides a bicycle must wear a helmet. While JerseyBike does not offer helmets, all riders are strongly encouraged to bring and wear their own helmets.