Sponsorship Spotlight Series: GCM Homes


Sponsorship Spotlight Series

Giovanni Maramonte – GCM Homes

GCM Homes Sponsored Bike

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Friday, September 4, 2020
Contact: Lourdes Martinez

NEW JERSEY – Riders, as you may already know, JerseyBike will no longer maintain operations in Hudson County as of October 9, 2020. JerseyBike is not subsidized by any of the municipalities in which it maintains operations and relies on user subscriptions, sponsorships, and advertising to fund bike share operations. In light of the upcoming end of the program, the JerseyBike team wanted to take the time to shine a spotlight on the sponsors that made our bike share program possible.

First up in our Sponsor Spotlight Series is Giovanni Maramonte, the owner of GCM Homes, a Hudson County based real estate firm.

Giovanni was born and raised in Hoboken and has watched the progressive growth of the city, from both a personal and a professional vantage point. “Afforded a hands-on viewpoint from his family of Hudson County builders and developers, Giovanni learned at a young age what it takes to market a seller’s home and understand a buyer’s needs.”

It was this unique position that allowed Giovanni to establish GCM Homes. Launched in 2013, “GCM Homes was founded on beliefs of passion, trust, knowledge, & community.” Its approach to the real estate market is informed by its comprehensive knowledge of current real estate trends, land usage, zoning and construction, placing GCM Homes “light years ahead of other colleagues and firms.” More importantly, however, is GCM Homes’ dedication to their clients. “Our main goal is to provide an experience of the utmost quality during one of the biggest decisions people make during their lives.”

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought about unforeseen challenges to the real estate market and GCM Homes shifted its business model to provide its client base with a safe and mindful way to buy or sell their homes. “We were fortunate to be able to manage the changes that were occurring not only in the world, but in our business. Our line of business entails meeting, greeting and entering people’s homes which all came to a screeching halt. However, with the assistance of technology, we went VIRTUAL. So, with the help of video conferencing, FaceTime, and other applications, we were able to continue to be of service to our clients” said Paul Pagano, GCM Homes’ Director of Operations.

GCM Homes’ ability to pivot in a market that was severely affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic is exemplified in recent client testimonials. Nicole DeFusco, who has worked with the GCM Homes team 3 times in 6 years, stated “Most recently, Gio helped us sell our home in Hoboken, NJ (where it closed in the middle of the global pandemic). We had been thinking about selling since the fall but decided to list it in February. He picked the selling price and staged our house. We got an offer at our first open house. He dealt with all our crazy with cool, calm and grace – even when we lost our minds from the stress. He and his team are terrific. You’re in great hands.”

Beyond Giovanni’s commitment to his business, the JerseyBike team has experienced firsthand his commitment to his community. Giovanni was a founding sponsor of the JerseyBike program and has been a sponsor for the entirety of the program. “GCM Homes lives, eats, sleeps and breathes in Hudson County. We are a part of this community as a service to our fellow neighbors and strive to make it a better place than what already exists” said Giovanni in a recent communication. Giovanni’s sponsorship throughout the life of the program has allowed the JerseyBike team to continue providing an invaluable, environmentally friendly form of public transportation. 

JerseyBike would like to thank Giovanni Maramonte and the GCM Homes team for their continued support of the program. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Like the GCM Homes FaceBook page or hop on one of their sponsored bikes and share a photo to show your support for this local business. 

For more information on GCM Homes or to contact them, please visit www.gcmhomes.com.

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